SIR Bernard Brocas was Born in 1330, the third son Gascon, Sir John de Brocas, Seneschal of Windsor Castle, resident of Clewer and owner of much land in Windsor, Eton, Clewer, Dedworth, Dorney, Bray and Boveney.

Bernard was an important figure in the life of the Manor of Clewer in the 14th Century. When King Edward III invaded France in 1346 he was accompanied by Sir John Brocas, his Master of Horse, and their respective sons, the Black Prince and his friend Bernard Brocas. On the shore at La Hogges, the Black Prince was dubbed knight and Bernard armed as Squire.

Sir Bernard married his second wife, Mary, in 1361/2 and went to France where he served as Constable of Aquitaine until 1366 He was men granted a large pension of £50 a year and appointed first Master of the Royal Buckhounds, a hereditary post

In 1369 he was elected Knight of the Shire and served until his death, in 1395.

In 1385, Sir Bernard endowed Clewer Church's Brocas Chapel.
Sir Bernard Brocas was given an elaborate funeral and his fine embattled tomb occupies the chief place in St Edmund's Chapel in Westminser Abbey.

Taken from chapter 1, Bare Chalk Hill to Pilgrim Shrine, by Judith Hunt

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